We need you!

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There are a number of roles that need to be filled by volunteers for the Giiyong Festival. Volunteering can be so rewarding and we are only asking for a minimum of 4 hours of your time plus some time for induction and cultural awareness training. All volunteers must be OVER 18 years of age. You’ll get a cool t-shirt AND you get to be fully immersed in the Giiyong Festival.

We don’t care who you are, or where you are from! Come and make the Giiyong Festival experience yours!


Provide general information, problem solving, customer service, money handling.


Respond to patrons’ questions and problems


Assistance with assembling the stage, construction, setting up backdrops, setting up chairs, picking up gear from storage locations, putting up sponsor and festival signs. Pack down includes, removal of stage, backdrops, chairs and transporting gear to storage.


Working with Art Director and helping to make the festival site festive, stage back drops, assist site decoration (venues, stages, market areas, food areas and other facilities) as directed by art director. Construction, liaising with festival suppliers as directed, liaising with site set up and pack down team, recording of inventory, be able to take direction whilst also taking own initiative. Be handy with light construction (staple gun, hammer, nails, some work on ladders etc).


Keeping the festival tidy as a space for patrons to enjoy, picking up any rubbish left out especially between performances, monitoring bins and advising patrons of correct waste disposal when required.


Roles include:

Monitoring artworks, interacting with patrons, answering questions about artists and their work. Art sales, taking note of all sales, money handling.


Good communicators. Fit. Able to take instruction well.

Terms & Conditions

Giiyong Festival values the contribution of its volunteers and recognises the time, skills and enthusiasm they will bring to the Festival. We aim to provide volunteers with the opportunity to work and enjoy the festival and, where appropriate, provide them with the support, training and information they require to undertake their duties.

Volunteers and staff are expected to work together for the benefit of Giiyong Festival. While volunteering at Giiyong Festival, volunteers will be under the direction of Giiyong Festival staff, particularly the Volunteers CO-ordinator and Festival Co-ordinator.

Volunteers will not represent Giiyong Festival outside of the directions provided.

All volunteers with Giiyong Festival are expected to:

  • adhere to these Terms & Conditions
  • undertake at least one four hour shift
  • be over 18 years of age
  • wear the Festival tshirt and nametag provided by the organisers
  • contact the Volunteer Coordinator immediately when you must cancel a scheduled volunteer shift.
  • at all times exhibit a positive and friendly approach with the purpose of ensuring Festival attendees, staff and volunteers have an enjoyable and memorable experience.
  • be sensitive to diversity of artists, attendees and fellow volunteers and treat everyone with respect and courtesy.
  • not partake in alcohol while on a shift or before a shift and do not report for duty while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Note this is an alcohol free event.
  • show up on time and dressed appropriately for scheduled events.
  • fulfil your duties throughout the entire shift.

By submitting the form below, all volunteers agree to adhere to the following:

  1. I agree to turn up to my rostered shifts on time, and to advise the Giiyong Festival Volunteers Co-ordinator if my availability for rostered shifts changes.
  2. I agree to work under the guidance and supervision of Giiyong Festival staff.
  3. I am available to attend the volunteers briefing and cultural awareness training at Jigamy on Saturday 15 September (It is a necessity that all volunteers  attend the full briefing to get important information about safety at events and communication channels. Volunteers will not be able to work at the festival unless they have attended this briefing.)
  4. I will not turn up to a rostered shift under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  5. I agree to advise Giiyong Festival staff if I am unable or uncomfortable completing tasks that have been set for me, we will be understanding of these requests, just give us as much notice as possible.
  6. I agree to inform Volunteers Co-ordinator immediately of any injuries sustained while undertaking volunteering activities.
  7. As a member of the Giiyong Festival 2018 Team I will do my best to provide correct information and a positive attitude to all members of the public I deal with throughout the festival.
  8. I agree to work in a constructive and cooperative way with Giiyong Festival staff and comply with any safety procedures as requested.
  9. I understand that I am volunteering my services to Giiyong Festvial and will not receive any remuneration for my services.
  10. I understand that submitting the Volunteer Application Form below does not automatically mean my application is accepted.