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Sean Choolburra

We are excited to announce Giiyong Festival's arvo and evening MC is Sean Choolburra! I always tell people “we are the oldest storytellers in the world. And that’s pretty much what stand up comedy it. It’s storytelling” - Sean Choolburra Sean Choolburra is one of the most popular and versatile Indigenous performers in Australia today. He has a long 25+ year’s career as a didgeridoo player, dancer, singer, actor, songwriter, and comedian. Sean Choolburra is known and...

Nathan Lygon

Yuin and Monaroo man Nathan Lygon is a key part of the Giiyong Festival. Nathan is a performer - dance, song, didgeridoo. Nathan is one of the founding members of the Duurunu Miru Dance Group from Eden.  ...

Image of Indigenous dancer Ngioka Bunda-Heath

Ngioka Bunda-Heath

Ngioka Bunda-Heath is Wakka Wakka, Ngugi from Queensland through her Mother and Biripi from New South Wales through her Father. Ngioka completed her Advanced Diploma in the Performing Arts. Majoring in Dance at the Aboriginal Centre of the Performing Arts in Queensland. While studying she had the amazing opportunity to work with Leah Purcell, Gale Mabo, Tammie Gesell, Gina Rings, Elise May and Penny Mullin. Outside of her studies Ngioka participated in secondments with Sydney Dance...

Image of Warren Foster Snr from Gulaga Dancers by Dean Brosche

Gulaga Dancers

Gulaga Dancers were founded by Djiringanj man Warren Foster almost twenty years ago. Emerging originally from Wallaga Lake, the Gulaga Dancers are one of the most respected traditional men's dance groups on the NSW coast, and have performed nationally and internationally. Warren says: 'We dance for mother earth, we dance for the old people, we dance for the birds, we dance for the ocean, the whales, everything. Nature. These dances link us all together, connect us...

Image of one of the Djaadjawan Dancers

Djaadjawan Dancers

The Djaadjawan Dancers are a traditional female Aboriginal dance group from the Yuin Nation of NSW, Australia. The group includes girls, women and Elders from ages 6 to 75 from Wallaga Lake, Narooma and La Perouse in NSW. Since their formation in 2015 by Walbunja woman Sharon Mason, the Djaadjawan Dancers have earned their place as one of the most sought after Aboriginal cultural performance groups in the State. They perform regularly at respected festivals and...