Gulaga Dancers were founded by Djiringanj man Warren Foster almost twenty years ago. Emerging originally from Wallaga Lake, the Gulaga Dancers are one of the most respected traditional men’s dance groups on the NSW coast, and have performed nationally and internationally.
Warren says:
‘We dance for mother earth, we dance for the old people, we dance for the birds, we dance for the ocean, the whales, everything. Nature. These dances link us all together, connect us all, unifies us all. Brings back language, brings back a lot of old songs, it’s a really important part of culture to have.’
Warren has trained many young dancers over the years who have formed other dance groups within the Yuin Nation. Gulaga Dancers are special guests at Giiyong Festival and their performance in the Boonarn Ring will be essential viewing.

Gulaga & Gadhu Dancers – Wallaga Lake from Grow The Music on Vimeo.