Gabadoo is a Djiringanj man, born and raised in Bermagui NSW. He has been creating hip hop, R & B and urban funk music for over ten years, and is known for producing soul–infused beats and clear, dynamic vocals.

For Gabadoo, music is a way to express his feelings about his life, family and experiences. Making music has helped Gabadoo overcome some anxiety in the past, providing a creative outlet and a way to escape the challenges of everyday life.  A father of four, Gabadoo loves spending time with his young family.

After relocating to Coffs Harbour for nine years, where he met his partner Ash, Gabadoo was called back to his country on the far south coast of NSW, where he now lives.

Gabadoo started listening to hip hop artist Easy E from N.W.A when he was a kid, and that inspired him to try making his own music a few years later. Even though he has been creating songs for over a decade, Gabadoo performed live for the first time at the Wallaga Lake Grow the Music concert in 2016.  Since then, Gabadoo has appeared at many festivals and events in the South East NSW region, as well as northern NSW and Melbourne. Don’t miss this up and coming artist at Giiyong Festival.