Dance performances will take place mainly in the Boonarn Ring adjacent to Monaroo Bobberer Gudu, the Keeping Place at Giiyong Festival on 22 September 2018. The Boonarn Ring will run from 10.00am to just before sunset. Dance performances will also take place on the Main Stage throughout the day.

The Duurunu Miru Dance Group is Giiyong Festival’s host dance group.

Baker Boy
In Arnhem Land they call Baker Boy the ‘fresh new prince’. His totem is the Olive Python, his moiety is Read more.
Nathan Lygon
Yuin and Monaroo man Nathan Lygon is a key part of the Giiyong Festival. Nathan is a performer – dance, Read more.
Image of Indigenous dancer Ngioka Bunda-Heath
Ngioka Bunda-Heath
Ngioka Bunda-Heath is Wakka Wakka, Ngugi from Queensland through her Mother and Biripi from New South Wales through her Father. Read more.
Gadhu Dancers
The Gadhu Dancers are a local dance group made up of young Yuin boys from the Wallaga Lake and Bermagui Read more.
Image of Warren Foster Snr from Gulaga Dancers by Dean Brosche
Gulaga Dancers
Gulaga Dancers were founded by Djiringanj man Warren Foster almost twenty years ago. Emerging originally from Wallaga Lake, the Gulaga Read more.
Image of one of the Djaadjawan Dancers
Djaadjawan Dancers
The Djaadjawan Dancers are a traditional female Aboriginal dance group from the Yuin Nation of NSW, Australia. The group includes Read more.