A young Noongar man raised in the E.K. [Wyndham – East Kimberley] Dallas is a quintessential underdog who dropped out of school at age 14; he was raised without a father figure and ran AMOK headed straight for the justice system. Luckily for him in 2007 the Indigenous Hip Hop Projects came through town at a formative moment and spotted this wayward kid’s talent and cheeky knack for word play.

Dallas would pop up in break-dance cyphers during after-school sessions and completely blew the minds of the Indigenous Hip Hop Projects [IHHP] facilitators with his energy and dance moves that “were literally electric”. Wanting to join the IHHP family, despite there being no room in their troupie for him to join the gang on tour, Dallas’ mother offered their family car for Dallas to go on the intensive 3 week dance tour. Prison was no longer the only option. In those three weeks Dallas’ work began to make an impact. Seeing his value as a mentor particularly with at risk kids whom Dallas has an amazing ability to connect with he was engaged as a key IHHP facilitator. He went on to win the East Kimberley Young Achiever Award at the age of 15 in 2009.  In 2016 he was on the song-writing team for the NIMA award-winning track titled Break the Silence raising awareness for White Ribbon. Since this time Dallas has visited over 250 communities and earned a feature role on Move it Mob style [ABC 3].

In 2014 he met Danzal Baker [aka Baker Boy] at an IHHP artist camp in Melbourne, soon after they worked together for the first time on a job in Gove / Dhalinybuy NT. Dallas took Danzal then 17 y.o under his wing empathising with how he was missing home.  It was here that Dallas inspired Baker Boy to start rapping in his own style and in language. The two started writing songs for the first time and ignited the journey that catapulted Baker Boy to where he is now. The two are staunch friends and continue to write together including Baker Boy’s current single Mr La Di Da Di and forthcoming track BLACK MAGIC.

A Master of Ceremony with the ability to hype an audience beyond the norm Dallas played MC on Baker Boy’s recent SOLD OUT Marryuna Tour  across the country. A few steps further Dallas releases his debut track 9 times out of 10, continues to write and perform with Baker Boy and has plans in the works to release an EP that will coincide with his support slot on Baker Boy’s next national tour later this year [November 2018].

“After support act and close friend of the headliner Dallas Woods warmed up the room with passion, honesty and a whole lot of heart…” Sydney Morning Herald June 10th 2018 https://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/music/baker-boy-review-urban-grit-replaced-with-outback-dust-20180610-h11763.html

“He connected with the room and it occurs to me that this is the job of the support act, to gather together the melting pot of human ingredients in attendance to merge their collective consciousness for the main-course service.” Scenestr Perth May 23rd 2018 – http://scenestr.com.au/music/baker-boy-perth-review-amplifier-bar-20180519

“Ahead of his performance at Red Bull Music’s Splendour In The Grass festivities this year, we’re stoked to premiere the cutting lyrics and quick flow of Woods’ debut film clip, 9 Times Out Of 10” –  https://www.redbull.com/au-en/dallas-woods-clip-9-times-out-of-10